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Berluti Gualtiero was a farmer and expert vine pruner originating from Castel Leone di Suasa. He later moved to Montecarotto and then onto Ancona in search of fortune and it was here that with the help of his father, Agostino, and wife, Erina, he first opened his cellars-trattoria inn in Via Torresi in 1948. A short time later, they began producing wine, first by buying grapes and later by working the fruits of the vineyard planted in 1966 on the hills of Candia.

In 1961, the company moved to Via Montagnola, where it remained until 1973 before transferring to the current establishment in Via della Madonnetta. In 1970, following the premature passing away of Gualtiero, the company management was handed down to his children, Dino and Mario.

Today, their children are also involved in the company.
Starting from the original 9 hectares, following continued investment, today the Berluti Wine Company boasts a total vineyard measuring around 45 hectares.


Valle del Paradiso

It takes its name from the perennial valley in which it stands, also home to the Berluti Wine Company.
The first vineyard, planted in 1966 by Gualtiero Berlugi, was renewed and replanted in 2008. Mainly south-facing, it has a total surface area of 16 hectares, of which 9 are planted with Montepulciano and 7 with Verdicchio, Chardonnay and Sauvignon.


This is situated in the "Grancia" district of Ancona, from which it takes its name. The clay-limestone soil extends over a total surface area of 20 hectares, of which 8.5 planted with Montepulciano and 1.5 with Merlot. The rest of the land is used for cereals and crops.


Situated in the hamlet of Montesicuro, the property totals 18 hectares, of which 8 hectares are planted with Montepulciano vines facing south-west towards the sunset.

There is also 1 hectare of olive grove, 1.5 hectare of land used for truffles and 1.5 hectares of sour cherries. The rest is used for cereals, crops and forest.


The soil here has a high lime content and takes its name from the district of Candia La Calcinara. It has a total surface area of 20 hectares, of which 6 are planted as Montepulciano, Sangiovese and Merlot vineyard in spurred cordons and 2 hectares are planted with Verdicchio and Chardonnay on Guyot trains.

The olive grove extends over 3 hectares and the remaining 7 are cereals, crops and forest.


Not only does one drink wine,
one smells it, observes it, tastes it,
sips it and... one talks about it. - Edoardo VII

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